TA NEA XYSTA are a series of 24 studies that are part of ongoing research into the Xysta (or ‘scratches’), which are black and white geometric designs unique to the village of Pyrgi on the island of Chios. This decorative style has mixed origins, bringing together influences from Ottoman, Italian, and traditional Greek folk patterns. It covers the front of many buildings in the village and is created by scratching away a layer of white paint to reveal a black surface below. These studies are an attempt to take this traditional method and update it to include the signs and symbols of our current moment, which includes digital brands, allusions to travel, viruses, and government surveillance. They have been a way for me to explore the unique context we find ourselves in today, and have also helped me think about what comes after this period of isolation, envisioning new projects and approaches to bigger installations.

These works are made available as part of the Artist Support Pledge set up by Matthew Burrows in response to the spread of Covid-19 in 2020. As many artists, like other self-employed individuals, are struggling to make ends meet with shows and opportunities rescheduled or cancelled, we have to find ways to support each other and to keep reaching out to our networks. The Artist Support Pledge works on the simple premise of making works available for £200; with the sale of every £1000 of work, the artist pledges to buy the work of another artist for £200, spreading the support across the creative community. It’s a crucial time to keep precarious artists thinking, making and selling.

Please note documentation was made on my kitchen table, so whilst not exactly museum quality, I believe them to be accurate images of the works.

Many thanks for your support,

Navine G. Khan-Dossos

Every work is 30cmx 40cm, and is a unique watercolour study on paper.

Each work is £200.00. / €230.00. Shipping is £15 / €17.50 for within Europe, and £20 / €23 outside Europe. Please send me your first and second choices. Once we have agreed a work that is available, I will send an invoice with all the payment details. Works will be shipped after payment and as soon as I am able to access a Post Office, hopefully in the next few weeks. All shipments will be sent ‘Signed For’. Please make sure to give me your delivery address and phone number for the shipment in our correspondence.